Monday, April 30, 2012

Will Anyone?

After doing so much for others...running around organizing things for them...making them happy.... when it's my turn, will anyone bother to even remember? Will they actually do something, or just leave it up to me, the person who can handle it all? Will I be forced to have to plan something for I usually do?

Perhaps I should do a little experiment. For a change, I shouldn't plan anything, and see if anything happens. I guess that will tell me where I stand with the people in my life right? After all, not quite in the mood to be doing's usually tricky to organize. Ah well....we'll see when it comes.

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Bene Gesserit dual-wielding samurai said...

The experiment would be worth it; if only to get data. You'd have to monitor the variables (people and events) [shrugs].
Best of luck on the results. Hopefully, there'll be people who'd pick up the slack that you can rely on in the future.