Tuesday, April 15, 2008

新不了情 (Xing Bu Liao Ching / Endless Love) by Wan Fang

I was getting bored of listening to the same songs on my laptop this morning, so was searching for this classic Mandarin song but it turned out that it was on the computer at my uncle's place instead. So, went to download it again and well...reminded me of the MTV. I only really watched the MTV when we went for karaoke last year (before New Year's Eve)..and it's mostly about the movie of the same title. I don't remember watching the movie, but from the song lyrics and the MTV, I can tell that it's one of those sad love stories.

Anyway, this song 1st caught my attention recently bcoz Aska Yang (杨宗纬) and Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾) PK'ed it on One Million Star Season 1. Jam sang a more jazzy/bluesy version and got 23 marks out of 25 while Aska sang the more conventional version with a few incredible runs that got the audience cheering like mad. He got 24 marks out of 25! You can watch this on Youtube, as well as Gary Cao Ge's live versions. All 3 sang the heck out of it. So yes, definitely a classic hit. It's pretty much a MUST watch if you like good Chinese music, or if you're an Aska or Gary fan.

万芳-新不了情 (Xing Bu Liao Ching / Endless Love)

心若倦了 (xin ruo juan le)
If your heart is weary
泪也乾了 (lei ye gan le)
And your tears are all dried up
这份心情 (zhe fen xin qing)
This feeling
难舍难了 (nan she nan liao)
Is hard to relinquish or forget.

曾经拥有 (ceng jing yong you)
I once used to have
天荒地老 (tian huang di lao)
All the time in the world
已不见你 (yi bu jian ni)
But I haven't seen you
暮暮与朝朝 (mu mu yu chao chao)
For many nights and many days.

这一份情 (zhe yi fen qing)
This love,
永远难了 (yong yuen nan liao)
Is forever difficult to resolve.
愿来生还能 (yuan lai sheng hai neng)
I hope in our afterlife
再度拥抱 (zai du yong bao)
We can embrace again.

爱一个人 (ai yi ge ren)
Loving someone,
如何斯守到老 (ru he si shou dao lao)
How do you remain faithful till you're old?
怎样面对一切 (zen yang mian dui yi qie)
How do you face everything
我不知道 (wo bu zhi dao)
I do not know.

回忆过去 (hui yi guo qu)
Reviewing the past,
痛苦的相思忘不了 (tong ku de si xiang wang bu liao)
The painful memories are unforgettable.
为何你还来 (wei he ni hai lao)
Why do you come then
拨动我心跳 (bo dong wo xin tiao)
To make my heart race.
爱你怎么能了 (ai ni zen me neng liao)
How is it possible to stop loving you?
今夜的你应该明了 (jin ye de ni ying gai ming liao)
Tonight, you should understand
缘难了情难了 (yuan nan liao qing nan liao)
It is difficult to escape fate, just as it is difficult to dissolve love.

Taken from: Chinese Music Forum

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